If you are looking for excellent IT support and consulting services in the Chicago land area, I would highly recommend DP Tech Group.   We recently had them help us setup a PBX phone system in the cloud.  We had major problems with our phone system.  The system was outdated and absolutely on its last leg.  We got 3 different bids for the new phone system and DP’s proposal was the best priced solution.  The cost of implementation and ongoing costs were 60% less than the other two competitors.  After we reviewed their references we knew that DP Tech Group is the best company to implement our business phone system.


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If you are having problems with low flow shower head in your bathroom you can easily fix this problem.  There are many reasons as to why your shower may have low pressure.  The problem could be due to old pipes, or the water pressure in your house especially if the house is older.  These can be expensive fixes. You can easily purchase a higher pressure shower head to help with the low flow problem. You can also purchase a great double combo shower head for more water coverage.  A handheld shower system can also help with better shower experience.  No matter what you are looking for you can find great shower head reviews.


I was able to read the reviews on this website and find the perfect shower system for us and fix the problem that we had.  I had a plumber that wanted to replace all my copper pipes and cut holes everywhere.  The cost was going to be near two thousand dollars just to increase the pressure of the water in the shower.  I was able to solve my problem by spending less than $300 to replace all my shower heads in the bathrooms.

This is how you can also fix your low flow shower problem.   I highly recommend you read the reviews online and then buy the best shower head that suits you.